Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Trip to Spain: Snacks

If you know me and how I travel, then you know I'm very big on snacks. It's good for mid day eating, late night booze soaking eating, and everything in between. I think we went a bit overboard on this trip. But at least we got to try a bunch of stuff. I think the common thing for this Spain snack adventure is definitely potato chips. But before I start with that, I must remind you that no European trip is complete without coffee. Morning, noon, and sometimes night. It's what keeps us going day after day.

And now the chips! Jamon was a must. This salty meaty potato was a letdown. It didn't taste like ham to me. It did have a weird meat taste though.
The mustard flavored chip was much more my speed. Tangy and bright.
BBQ Doritos? Yeah, I'm still confused on this one.
Do you like ketchup and mayo together? This may be the chip for you. It had a nice tomato-ey flavor that reminded me more mild ketchup chips in the states.
This was really promising with the garlic and the oil. And while it did taste of garlic, I wish it was much more stronger in flavor. Where's my MSG dammit!?
Ham and cheese. Yeah, not good. Do not buy.
When I saw Kettle Chips, I jumped with joy! The salt and pepper flavor is found in the states easily but my companion wanted it anyway.
This one intrigued me more. Smoked paprika, porcini mushrooms, and garlic butter. Woah, a whole lot was going on there. So many strong flavors competing with each other. Unfortunately, I think too much was not a good thing here.
The cheddar and red onion was nice though. Cheesy and sweet from the onion. A mild flavored chip even though it says mature cheddar.
Alright, enough with the chips. Here are other things that I ate as well. A really delicate flaky dessert. Was this was Toledo? I totally forget.
This jam filled butter cookie that looks like a pirate was actually pretty good. Sweet and buttery.
Magnum ice cream to satisfy the late night crave.
Meat cones! Get your meat cones here! Always a good choice.
And sweet vermouth. A classic drink in Madrid. On ice with a slice of lemon. Very good and smooth.
Doughnuts are kind of foreign in Spain but some bakeries are branching out. The glazed and the chocolate was pretty good. It reminded me of Kripy Kreme.
Snacks from La Boqueria like pastry wrapped hot dogs, falafel, and empanada. Everything was just okay.
Fish sticks and salad. Also from La Boqueria. Enough to take the edge off that hunger pang.
A ham and cheese croissant? Yes please! More ham and cheese needed but otherwise a good choice.
A xixo from Pinotxo Bar in La Boqueria. This flaky sweet pastry with a bit of cream inside was fantastic. Like a croissant but sweeter. And the cream was sweet and decadent. Perfect with your morning coffee.
Fruit popsicles from a random store. It says 100% fruit juice but it certainly wasn't. My watermelon tasted artificial like a Jolly Rancher.
Amorino gelato for something sweet after dinner. Espresso and hazelnut together in a shape of a flower.
And even more ice cream. This time chocolate and strawberry.
A chocolate covered filled churro. A random siting and we were so happy we stopped for this. The man was closing his shop up for siesta but wasn't rude about staying open an extra minute for a customer. Sweet, chewy, and creamy. The dark chocolate was of good quality and the cream inside was rich.
Jamon sandwiches were a staple for on the go snacks. In fact, pack one to go when you fly back home. The airport ones are terrible. But remember to eat all of it before you land in the states or else the customs dog will get you right away.


  1. I am going to steal the idea of doing a "snacks" post - I often have so many little things that I wind up not posting.

    That churro is calling me name!!!

    1. Please do! I think snacks are an important part of a food journey, as you know.


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