Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Trip to Toledo, Spain (Day 3): Meat Store

The one and only day trip we made in Spain was to Toledo. We arrived by train and walked far and uphill only to discover we were walking the wrong direction! Damn, we really should have purchased that map at the train. Once we got ourselves straightened out, we toured the large cathedral. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to visit the fort nor the military museum. Oh boo. So instead, we walked around in search for food. By this time, we didn't even have time for a sit down lunch with the Spainards being aloof with their service and all. This would not have been an issue in NYC though.
Anyway, we walked around the very small town. Saw lots of swords and knives. But hunger kept my mind elsewhere. We passed by a butcher shop and went in. They make their own sausages and cured meats. So we bought a variety pack with all sorts of pork goodness from spicy to sweet to salty.

That was a good prelude to some more meat to some in the form of a sandwich and meat cone. Yes, we stopped into another shop selling delicious charcuterie. I opted for the more spicy cone of sausages while Mr. M&P went for the sandwich.
All in all, a good trip though I wish we hadn't wasted so much time figuring out where to go.

If you're ever in Toledo, don't miss the marzipan nor the lard cookies. I tried some but had forgotten to take pictures of it.


  1. Those sausage (chorizo) look delicious

  2. That should say "chorizo?" but it wouldn't let me edit my comment

  3. Toledo has not the best reputatio for food in Spain. Compared to Segovia (north of Madrid) it is not very easy to find good restaurants. It is tru that many offer low value and offer some of the worst paellas you can probably taste... but having said that there are some excellent restaurants worth trying. My favorite is Locum, near the Cathedral, then places like the 4 Estaciones, Adolfo (expensive), la Ermita, which is outside the City and offer fantastic views, La Tabina for good and affordable tapas.
    Marzipan, I would agree, is a must in Toledo. Local wines from the La Mancha region have become very good these days and some small local wineries produce excellent Tempranillos and Shyrazs


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