Monday, May 12, 2014

Uncle Jack's Steakhouse

Sometimes you don't need a reason to have a steak dinner. It's really a reason to say, "Why not?". And so Mr. M&P, Ms. Pastry Chef, and I headed out to Uncle Jack's to stuff our faces with delicious beefy goodness. Let's the bovine parade begin.
To start, we tried the Kobe meatballs ($15) which come 4 to a dish. I don't know why they put a Japan flag on there because it was clearly American Kobe. Anyway, tender meatballs in a thick wine sauce. It tasted good but I always feel that kobe or even rib eye is lost when ground up. No need for the marbling of fat within the meat. You can just add fat to the grinder with leaner meat. Personally, I'd say skip.

And now the steaks. USDA dry aged prime steaks to be exact. Here's the bone-in rib eye/rib chop (also called the Flinstone) which is 28 ounces of 35 day dry aged beef ($55). Lots of fat. Lots of flavor.
I opted for the bone-in NY Strip. And at 24 ounces ($49), it was one hefty steak. Charred on the outside for a crust and seasoned liberally.
Juicy and tender inside and cooked to medium rare, as I preferred. Juices running as I slice into each and every bite.
And as for sides, creamed spinach ($10) is a favorite. The preparation here is just okay. The spinach is too chunky making this more spinach than cream.
Crispy fries ($8) satisfy our potato cravings. Meat and potatoes. Right?
And the five cheese mac ($14) which is a hefty guy. This could easily serve 4-6 people. Gooey and loaded with melted cheese.
And if that wasn't enough, some chocolate ice cream as dessert. Just a little something sweet to end the meal.
Another solid meal had at Uncle Jack's Steakhouse. Is it the best steak in the city? No. Is it a solid meal? Yes.

Uncle Jack's Steakhouse
440 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10001
(212) 244-0005


  1. Lookin' good. I've kinda wanted to go in the past and even to this location in the city.

    Pft. My balls will not be surrendering to Japan either.

  2. Funny, I like their creamed spinach for that very reason.

    Dessert Zombie - I'm ready for my steak dinner!!! Are you? :)


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