Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cooking: Stuffed Calamari

The main dish may have been satisfactory enough but I always do more. I did stuffed calamari again but this time with pesto sauce instead of marinara. Unfortunately, I used a pesto that I wasn't completely happy with. Next time, I should stick with my gut feeling and use what I think is good.

First, I bought cleaned whole calamari (squid) with the bodies and tentacles separated. At home, I rinsed off all the pieces and set it aside.
I chopped up the tentacles and cooked it lightly in a pan with some oil. Simple seasoning with salt and pepper. To that, I added toasted bread crumbs, parsley, toasted pine nuts, and minced onions. Season liberally with salt and pepper.
Then I stuffed each calamari body with the bread crumb filling making sure that I didn't overstuff them. They'll shrink and overstuffing them may lead to them exploding. I used to toothpick to seal off the end.
In a saute pan, I heated up some oil and seared the calamari. Then I lowered the heat and allowed it to slowly cook through. Once cooked, I tossed them in pesto sauce and served them immediately.
There were a few mistakes that I made when making the dish. The first, as mentioned, was the lack of quality in the pesto sauce that I used. The second was the lack of seasoning in the bread crumb filling. I really should have tasted it before I stuffed the calamari. Unfortunately I didn't and it left a very bland tasting squid. And finally third, I think I would have like to cooked the calamari in some stock and wine first. Then toss it in the pesto sauce. I think that extra step would have added a bit more flavor to the dish as well. Oh well, next time then.

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