Tuesday, July 22, 2014

FBM Potluck 14

This is a long overdue post. The last potluck which was in the spring. Beer Boor graciously hosted this time. And a plethora of food graced the table.
This is my first plate of many that night. A little of of what was served first. Then I went back for other items that were being heated up. Oh and the dessert. Don't forget about those.

For my contribution, I did a few things. Mainly they were easier for me as I didn't have all too much time to something more time consuming. Here are the Korean chicken wings. These were my first batch ever. And yes, I used my friends as guinea pigs. Slightly spicy with a nice tang.
Spicy sesame noodles. Szechuan peppercorns brings the lingering heat to this dish. I actually liked how this came out. Luckily, I didn't listen to the recipe and dumped the entire pan of sauce onto the noodles.
And then my pan fried dumplings with a black vinegar and sweet soy sauce dip. Pork and watercress is the filling.
Beer Boor made his wonderful fried chicken. Super crispy, juicy meat, and well seasoned. He does a very, VERY good fried chicken.
Nommables made his popular lotus stem salad. Salad?! Yes, this is awesome salad. It's a complex of flavors and textures. And it is really refreshing next to all the other heavy dishes.
TT made Kenyan braised collard greens with beef. Lots of spices (not spicy!) playing around here. Really satisfying flavor wise and very nice to have a mixture of textures between the beef and greens. A solid dish.
Cheese made slow braised lamb shanks. The meat, as you can see, fell right off the bone. We dug around for tender morsel of lamb meat. So much flavor. I wish I had some bread to make a sandwich out of this.
And of course, KC made her oh so famous stromboli. I didn't get to snap a picture before the vultures attacked her platter of delicious dough wrapped meat and cheese.
And dessert was no slacker either. Sweet Pea made macaron burgers. How cute are these? Almost too cute to eat. Almost...These were the perfect size for grazing. Have one, then another, then another. Sweet but not overly so.
CT made fresh strawberry cupcake. The flavor of the strawberries were incredible. Not only did it make the frosting delectable, but it also kept the cake itself super moist. Also, strawberry desserts are one of my favorites!
Dessert Zombie brought over some Peter Pan doughnuts to share. He took the great effort to go from Queens to Brooklyn then to Manhattan that day. These were well received. I especially liked the honey dipped.
Another fabulous potluck had. Thanks again guys for making it so wonderful.


  1. Your site ate my comment...

    When I saw the hamburger macarons, I thought you made them. They look awesome! Everything does actually... I am hungry.

  2. This was a good one. Thanks everybody.


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