Thursday, July 17, 2014


Date night in the city with Mr. M&P. We didn't want to spend too much money nor did we want to do something too casual. So we met halfway and went to Perla. We sat at the bar so that we would watch the staff work behind the counter and prep food.
After we sat down and ordered, they brought over some amuse bouche to star. It was homemade ricotta cheese with honey on top. A nice light taste to start to meal.

For his appetizer, Mr. M&P had the Agnolotti al Sugo D'Arrosto which is a pasta with beef cheeks and brown beech mushroom butter. The serving was generous for how heavy this dish can be. The flavors rich and delicious. Each nugget of pasta burst with an explosion of deep beefiness and the earthy meaty flavors of mushrooms. And the richness of the butter just added to the luxuriousness of the dish.
I had the seared foie gras with sweet onion mostarda, crispy testa, and quince. This isn't your regular seared foie gras. Instead it was whipped and formed into a dish and served with sweet, spicy sauce, and fresh green. Although I still prefer classic seared foie gras, this was good and felt lighter than normal.
For his main course, Mr. M&P had the leg of lamb and belly with shallots, shishito peppers, yogurt, and calabrian peppers.
I had the skate wing with fried artichokes and black truffle. A meaty fish that's filling and more oily than most other white fish. But the flakiness of the meat leaves a light texture in the mouth. Fried artichokes on the side gives the dish a crispy contrast.
For dessert, we shared a baked apple tart with ice cream and raspberry puree. This dessert was pretty unremarkable. The dough was a bit too thick, the apples were a bit too soft. The garnishes were just fine. Basically, this dessert didn't excite me one bit. What was worse the waiter when we asked him a few questions about dessert. He really didn't know about this dessert. He said it was an apple dessert but also said it wasn't baked. What? One of the sous chefs that was overhearing the conversation actually corrected him.
By the end of dinner, we were both happily full. We asked for the check and with it came a couple pieces of biscotti and amaro for the both of us. This was a really nice touch at the end of the meal.
Overall, I thought Perla was okay. Simple dishes made delicious. Some were better than others but overall a satisfying meal. The only real misstep was the dessert. Otherwise, we left full and happy. Oh and if you want a showstopper, ask for the roasted veal head which comes whole to the table for show. Then it bring it back to the kitchen to split in half. It's certainly a sight to see.

24 Minetta Lane
New York, NY 10012
(212) 933-1824

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