Monday, July 28, 2014

Seafare Chippery

Interesting thing about my new neighborhood is the variety of fish and chips places. These stand alone fried fish and seafood joints certainly only make one type of cuisine. You would think that just one place would satisfy the many in the surrounding towns. But behold, there are several to choose from. The closest to me is the Sea Fare Chippery. It's easily spotted off the roast as a small blue building with a giant anchor outside.
The menu is short, the service is fast and friend. Since we wanted to try a variety of things, Mr. M&P and I shared a bunch of things. First, the seafood salad ($10) for a large pint. As one of the few items not fried, this was delicious. Fresh tasting seafood, bright olive oil, and tasty herbs envelope each piece of mussel, clam, shrimp, conch, and calamari. Normally, seafood salad is priced per pound making it a pricey dish. Not so here.

Next, we shared the Admiral's Platter ($16) with 1 large piece of fried cod, 3 fried shrimp, 3 fried scallops, fried chips, cole slaw, and choice of sauce (cocktail or tartare). This was just okay. I enjoyed the fish the most but the shrimp and scallops were overcooked. While the chips were undercooked and soft. The batter was not too thick though which I liked.
And if that wasn't enough fried oil in your arteries, we also shared a crab cake ($8) which also came with chips and sauce. This crab cake wasn't very good. Overcooked and dry, it left very little (if any) to be desired. Chips, again, were terrible.
Overall, the fried food at Seafare was disappointing. Either things were overcooked or undercooked. I think they need to get a better handle of the teenagers in the back doing the frying. Otherwise, I would go back for the seafood salad and maybe the cod.

Seafare Chippery
383 South Avenue
Fanwood, NJ 07023
(908) 288-7741

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