Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dinosaur BBQ

Okay readers. Another old post. This one was for Beer Boor's birthday back in March. As usual, one of the FBM members picked a kickass place to celebrate a meal with friends. And yes, that place was Dinosaur BBQ. We all took the train up in the cold in search of some damn good barbecue.
While we each ordered our own plates, we also shared a couple of appetizers to start. The wings are a must order here. We ordered one spicy and one mild. Excellent as always. Juicy, flavorful, plump wings that are smoked then grilled until lightly charred ($15).

The fried green tomatoes ($9) was also decent being slightly tart in the middle while crispy on the outside. The sprinkling of cheese on top was a bit strange though. But whatever, I love cheese.
For my main course, I had the House special which included 1/4 rack of ribs, 1/4 chicken, and honey hush cornbread. For my sides, I chose mac and cheese and collared greens. Oh and if that wasn't enough food for me, I also asked for a sausage link on the side. All very excellent. Tender ribs but not fall off the bone which is what I prefer. I want to able to still chew and bite the meat. The chicken was juicy, tender, and flavorful as was the sausage. The mac and cheese was super creamy and soft. Don't expect al dente pasta with mac n cheese, EVER. And the collar greens was a nice vegetables to all that meat I was eating. Always a necessity.
After all that savory, salty, spiced food, we wanted something sweet to share. We tried the key lime pie which was certainly sweet indeed. It was a bit too much for me.
And a peanut butter chocolate chip pie. This was really decadent and pretty good.
Dinosaur BBQ doesn't disappoint at all. Good, solid barbecue every time.

Dinosaur BBQ
700 W 125th Street
New York, NY 10027
(212) 694-1777


  1. I really enjoyed this place, at least as well as I could remember. Frankly I can't remember what I got, but it was probably brisket.

    It totally sucks that it's all the way up there at 125th though.

  2. It's better than going to the Brooklyn location, and it always has room, but yeah, it's far, far away, even after work.

    And yet I still keep going back. Must be the fine eats!


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