Monday, August 25, 2014

Salumeria Rosi: La Salumeria

A few months ago, Dr. Mandoo and I went to see Chef Mario Battali, Chef Michael White, and Chef Andrew Carmellini speak about their experiences with Italian cuisine and NYC. It was interesting to hear about their different stories, opinions, and results.
After the event, we headed uptown for some dinner at Salumeria Rosi. What's better than hearing a bunch of well regarded chefs talk about food then go eat that food later on? Nothing.

The nice thing about this location of Salumeria Rosi is that their menu is designed to share. So we picked a few things to graze and snack on while we chatted the night away. First, the charcuterie board ($18) with prosciutto, mortadella, salami, coppa, and other fine cured meats. We really enjoyed the variety of fatty slices of meat.

With the meat, we paired it with some ripe tallegio cheese ($8) which was incredibly soft, pungent, and creamy. A really delicious cheese with funky flavors.
To balance that meat and cheese, we shared a plate of escarole salad ($13) with anchovy dressing and croutons. Wowza! The anchovy dressing was strong here but we loved it. That salty and briny intense ocean flavor enveloped each and every leaf. If you love anchovies like we do, you would love this salad.
To spice things up a bit, we ordered the tripe ($14) which was honeycomb tripe stewed in tomato sauce and topped with parmigiana cheese. The tripe was super tender leaving just the bit of texture. A really stew like dish rich in developed flavors.
And finally, some pasta to round out the meal. This is the pepolink ($15) which is a simple pasta in tomato sauce with thyme and parmigiana cheese. Classic.
To end the meal, we had a couple of desserts. She chose the torta di ricotta ($9) which is an Italian cheesecake. The texture was much lighter and creamy. It was just okay for me.
I had the special panna cotta ($9) with grapefruit. This was terrible. The panna cotta itself was too stiff and the flavor was off. It wasn't creamy nor smooth. I pretty much disliked everything about it except for the fresh fruit on top.
The last taste in my mouth wasn't too pleasing but that didn't ruin the meal. I still enjoyed the savory dishes and would go back for those.

Salumeria Rosi: La Salumeria
283 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10023
(212) 877-4800

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