Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday Night: Gotham West Market - Ivan Ramen and Genuine Roadside

Towards the end of  one year, my friends thought that we weren't hanging out enough. It's true, we weren't. So they started Tuesday night get-togethers. Every Tuesday, we'll pick a bar to drink, eat, and hang out for a couple of hours. Whoever can make it will attend. If you're busy, it's okay. There's always next week. So this is Tuesday Nights on Tasty Eating where you will find bars that serve food and how we like them.

On this recent Tuesday Night, we headed out to: Gotham West Market

I really wish this food court was open when Mr. M&P and I used to live in Hell's Kitchen. It was would certainly made it in our weekly rotation for food.
They have some pretty tasty places in there like Ivan Ramen which is all the rage right now. His sweet savory ramen broth, chewy noodles, and garnishes have been praised by many. On my night there, I had the Classic Shoyu ($13) with his famous chicken broth, chasu, and added an egg (+$2). Delicious and flavorful. The rye ramen noodles were heartier than most noodles and paired well with the broth. Overall, it's a lighter ramen but I don't mind it at all. It's certainly different and yet very delicious.

Mr. M&P had the Super Duper Stack Burger ($10.50) with a side of fried ($2.50) from Genuine Roadside. The burger was juicy and seasoned well. The cheese melted and the meat cooked to medium. The fries were crispy and salty; just the way I like them.
Overall, we really liked the food here. Both Ivan Ramen and Genuine Roadside proved to be good.

*Update: A few months later, Mr. M&P and I went back to Gotham West Market. This time, he had the ramen and I have the burger. While the ramen was still consistently good, the burger was far from it. Not only did they screw up my order by giving it to someone else. But they also overcooked the burger severely. It was dry, tasteless, and just not good. The manager offered me a free soda fountain drink while I waited which was over 30 minutes. He even brought the food to me. But all that didn't make up for the mishap I had that night. Why? Because they never admitted to the mistake. I only know because I was standing there and watched the whole thing happen. The confusion on his face was apparent. Normally, I'm very easily forgivable for mishaps. They happen. I know. Just own up to it. I don't want anything free. I want you to admit to it and then apologize. It's really not that hard.*

Gotham West Market
600 11th Avenue
New York, NY 10036
(212) 582-7940

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