Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Baking: Hello Kitty Cake

Ever since I decided to be the sole birthday cake baker for my niece and nephew, I've decided to push myself. I started with very simple layered cakes. But then I started playing around with marshmallow fondant (the only kind I will volunteer to eat and make). And one thing led to another and I'm making more complex cakes. There's still a lot for me to learn but this is a good start.
So when it was my niece's 3rd birthday this year, it was of no surprise that she wanted Hello Kitty as her cake. Lucky for me, the shape of Hello Kitty's head is relatively round and uniform. Unfortunately for me, the simplicity of her face can lead to obvious mistakes. I didn't want to give her a ghetto looking Hello Kitty whose face may have gone through a stroke. Nope, I want the cake to look like the real deal. And so I tried really hard on this cake. And as you can see above, it came out really good! I am really proud of this cake. It's the best one I've made so far.

The first step is making the cake. I decided to make red velvet cake since it's a pretty red color that will wow once we cut into it. I made three layers of cake each bakes in its own pan.
I trimmed the edges and top to even it out. Then I added the cream cheese frosting as the layers.
And layer I did. I find that using the bottom of a cake as the top leaves a very straight and flat cake top.
And now the shaping happens. I printed out Hello Kitty's face to use as a stencil for the cake.
Using a serrated knife, I trimmed around the cutout. It's a messy job so roll up your sleeves. Save the scraps for cake balls!
Here's a side view of the layered cake after I trimmed it.
And here's the top without the stencil. Not bad, eh?
Then I covered the whole cake in the cream cheese frosting. Don't worry about crumbs, you'll be doing another thicker later then covering it all up in marshmallow fondant anyway. Before all that, put it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes to firm up.
And then coat it again with the rest of the cream cheese frosting in a nice thick layer. This helps smooth out any bumps and lump you may encounter when using the fondant.
And now the fondant. As I mentioned previously, I use marshmallow fondant which I make myself. It's a mixture of melted marshmallows and powdered sugar. You can color the fondant as you please. Since Hello Kitty's face is mainly white, no food coloring was needed for this step. But I saved some for decorations. Here, I rolled out my fondant (not too thin!) on my counter.
Then I draped it over the cake which was in the refrigerator for another 30 minutes prior to this.
Smooth out the edges and trim off any excess. And voila! A fondant covered cake. Practice makes perfect.
For the decorations, I dyed fondant red for the bow and used edible sugar to the bling. The nose is also dyed fondant but just yellow. The eyes are also fondant but I purchased the black fondant. Why? Because it'll take forever to dye something white to black. You're better off spending a little bit of money just buying pure black fondant. Trust me. Anyway, for the whiskers, I wrapped black fondant over toothpicks then pressed the point into the cake, Make sure it's deep enough to hold up and not sag.
And finally, I bought candy covered chocolate for the necklace that went all around the edge of the cake. Why? My trimming abilities were a bit lack luster this time. So to hide my errors, I added more sweets to this sweet cake.
The face of my niece when I presented her the cake was all worth it. She was so happy and said that was her favorite part of her birthday party. Yay! I delivered. The only downfall was the taste of the cake. It was far too sweet, especially the cream cheese frosting. I'm still on the hunt for that perfect red velvet cake. Until then, I'll try and try again.

I hope you enjoyed this cake. I didn't include the recipe because I really didn't like the cake and frosting. Anyway, I was and still am super proud of this cake. Here's to more happy baking!

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  1. aw, how sweet!! looks like you did a fabulous job with this cake. i wanna try it one of these days!! :D


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