Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Baking: Race Car Cake

Another kid's birthday means another attempt at a specialty cake. This time, it was my nephew's birthday who turned 5 years old this year. And what did he want for his birthday cake? A race car. Damn, I knew it was going to be difficult. I scoured the internet for ideas and pieced together some good ones.
Before I started, I tried to find an orange race car to use as the basis for the cake. His favorite color is orange. Once I found that, off to make the cake.

Before I tried to make the cake reminiscent of a car, I had to make sure that the cake itself was delicious. I decided on a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Below is one layer of the cake that I bake. Chocolate cake dotted with chocolate chips. This was a really chocolatey cake. Perfect for those looking for that go to chocolate cake.
I layered the cakes with frosting then I shaped it. First, I made it into a rectangle. Then I carved out the back and sloped the sides and front. This was a messy task which involved a lot of tastings. Once I was satisfied with the shape, I covered the whole thing in frosting and put it in the refrigerator to set.
While the cake solidified, I made the marshmallow fondant. I melted marshmallows then mixed it powder sugar. At the end, I colored it orange. I used a lot of yellow food coloring and just a drop or two of red food coloring. Always start with the lighter color and slowly change it with the darker/stronger color.
I rolled out the fondant then covered the cake making sure to make it seamless around the edges. I cut off any excess from the bottom. I'm getting better at covering cakes with fondant but I still  need a little practice.
Once the fondant was set, I cut out the details using a pre-made black fondant that I purchased. Coloring something to a rich black is painful. It's better to just buy it. So with the black fondant, I cut out the windshields, windows, and wheels. For the wheels, I used a cookie cutter. For the flap in the back, I took a wafer cookie, covered it in fondant and held it in place with wooden sticks. That part didn't come out too great but it was being really difficutl.
Otherwise, here's my race car cake for my nephew. It turned out to be a more cartoon-ish version of the toy race car. It's not the prettiest cake but I put a lot of hard work into it. It was certainly tasty though. But most importantly, my nephew enjoyed it.

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