Thursday, September 18, 2014


For Ms. Lollipop's birthday, we went to Barchetta. She is known to love seafood both raw and cooked. Barchetta is David Pasternack's new seafood place. It opened with mixed reviews but we wanted to go and judge ourselves. The space is open, bright, and modern. They didn't change much from the previous restaurant (La Promenade des Anglais) so we recognized it right away.
Due to lighting and our larger group, it was difficult to take pictures of other people's dishes. So I only took my own and the birthday girl's food.

To start, I had the Calamari alla Piastra ($16) which was grilled whole squid with red hot pepper and arugula salad. The squid was cooked nicely and I enjoyed it being left whole with tentacles and all. Inside, they left the ink sack as well so it became a sauce. I enjoyed this and was the perfect amount of food to start the night.

Ms. Lollipop had the House Cured Salmon Roe Crostini ($19). This was a generous serving of salmon roe. Look at it piled onto the grilled toast. Chef David Pasternack is known for his crudo so that is a good choice if you get the chance at either of his restaurants.
For my entree, I have the Bavette pasta ($23) with jumbo lump crab meat, wild onion flowers, and toasted bread crumbs. Unfortunately, the wild onion flowers really overpowered the flavor of the dish. It was pretty much all that I could taste. The delicate sweetness of the crab was lost. I could see that it was in  the dish and noticed the texture but certainly didn't have any crab essence.
Ms. Lollipop had the Fettucine ($28) with local lobster, and sun gold tomatoes. She also thought that this dish was just okay. I was missing something. More lobster flavor, perhaps? If the lobster meat was removed from the shell and tossed with the pasta as it cooked, then maybe it would have been a more homogeneous dish. But it was more like lobster and pasta as two separate entities.
For dessert, we just decided to get one of each and share ($14 each). Below is the Torta Tatin with caramelized peach and cream. Behind that is the More with blackberries, rose syrup, and vanilla bean gelato. And on the right was the Affogato with butter caramel gelato and sesame brittle. Out of this bunch, I liked the affogato the most. Rich, creamy, but with a bite from the espresso.
And the other 2 desserts were Crostata with berries and vanilla bean gelato, and the Budino al Cioccolato. Rich in chocolate flavor with a light spice from the peppercorns.
Overall, we had mixed reviews about Barchetta. While we all enjoyed our appetizer, the entrees were a bit lackluster. The desserts were nice too. Unless they change something, I don't we would be back.

461 W 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011
(212) 255-7400

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