Monday, September 22, 2014

FBM Potluck

Another awesome potluck with my FBM friends. Here's my first plate which I tired to take a little bit of everything. Unfortunately, the plate wasn't big enough so another and another was necessary.

For my contribution this time around I made cumin lamb noodles. Pasta with lamb and eggplant. Unfortunately, I didn't use a good enough pasta brand so reheating made this dish a mushy mess. But otherwise, the flavor was good.
I also made some ribs for the group. I'm still trying to find my perfect baked rib recipe and haven't been happy with any recipes I've tried yet. This recipe has come the closest. The texture, however, as too soft making the meat literally falling off the bone. Maybe if I baked it a little bit less it would be better. Otherwise, the flavor was good. I used a rub as well as a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce.
Nommables made a mushrooms crepe cake with bacon jam. I enjoyed this crepe cake. It didn't even need the bacon jam.
Rainbow Cookie made a zucchini pasta with was julienned zucchini and carrots with tomatoes and shrimp. The dressing was a light lemon sauce. This dish was super refreshing and I enjoyed eating it along with the heavier dishes. It certainly helped balance out the rest of the food that day.
Beer Boor made a cake. A meat cake. Actually, it was a meatloaf cake with mashed potato frosting and crispy bacon bits on top.
Cheese made a Yankee Tomale which was kind of like a cottage pie but with corn bread on top. The balance of the savory meat to the sweet bread was very nice. I enjoyed this as well.
Mr. M&P's contribution was empanadas. There's a really good empanada stand at our farmer's market every week. We usually pick up a couple for breakfast. But this time we picked up 2 dozen to share. The fillings are beef and cheese, and Italiano (Italian meats and cheese).
Dessert Zombie went the savory route this time around and brought some roast pork buns Meh Li Wah Bakery.
But that wasn't it. He also picked up some combination buns too. These babies are filled with pork, chicken, mushrooms, eggs, etc. It's protein packed goodness.
For sweets, TT made blueberry cornbread. Sweet, buttery, light, yet a little tart from the blueberries. I really enjoyed this.
And in contrast, TT also made a Snicker's dip which was teeth achingly sweet. Those salty pretzels were a necessity to balance out the sugar. I'm sure Dessert Zombie like this though.
Another potluck down, another fun day with friends.


  1. This was a fantastic FBM potluck showing.

    Hungry, falling off the bone ribs was an incredible understatement. I tried to be carefull, or clean and picked it up by the bone and half the meat fell off!

    My birthday meat cake (haha) was awesome too!

    Agree on cloyingly sweet snickers dip, but I went back for seconds and I never do that with sweets.

    1. Do you prefer the meat that tender or do you prefer more chew? I like the latter.

  2. Great time at Potluck!!

    Buns are from Chatnam Square Restaurant aka Hop Shing.


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