Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Momofuku Ssam Bar: Duck Dinner

Awhile ago, TT & CT, and Mr. M&P and I went on a double date. No reason except that we really wanted to try the duck dinner ($140) at Momofuku Ssam Bar. This is one of the special dinners that they offer. You can also do a bo ssam or a dry aged ribeye steak. But we had our eyes on that luscious duck.
But this is no ordinary rotisserie duck. They take a whole duck, stuff the duck and pork sausage under the skin of the main body. Then they take the other parts and make a stock out of it. More on that later. Before, the beauty is cut up for us, they bring it table side to show us the beautiful lacquered skin. So shiny. So pretty. So drool inducing.

While they bring it back to the kitchen to finish, they load the table with the garnishes which was a large bowl of bibb lettuce, scallion sauce, fried shallots, hot sauce, and hoisin sauce. We mixed and matched the sauce with each wrap we created.
And here's the finished platter. Sliced duck on a bed of white rice. Herbs like mint, cilantro, Thai basil, and watercress grace on side. On the other, chive pancakes. Each big enough to make 4 mini wraps.
We dug in with no abandonment. Each luxurious morsel of fatty duck, with the freshness of the herbs, the crispiness of the pancake, and some slipper sauce made our mouths so happy. I personally alternated pancake with bibb lettuce. Of the sauce, the scallion was certainly my favorite. And the fried shallots added a nice crispy texture to the wraps.

With the duck dinner, we also get 2 seasonal sides. We chose the broccoli which was decent. Be aware that this is a cold broccoli dish which was quite refreshing on a warm night.
And the cooked bok choy. Another good vegetables dish. With all the meat that we were consuming, these vegetable sides were plenty welcome that night.
After we tried destroying the platter of duck (all the meat was finished but we left some rice and herbs), they gave us a bowl of seasoned broth/stock to finish off the meal. This was overkill. The broth was rich in meaty flavor that we couldn't finish it. We wanted something a bit more refreshing...like ice cream. Which we walked to Sundaes and Cones after this dinner. My ride home in the car was filled with belly rubbing. Oof, it was a lot of food.
The duck dinner at Momofuku Ssam bar was delicious! Everything was superb from the food to the service. I would definitely go back and eat that again. Four people for this meal was a bit low. I think 5 people would be ideal but 6 people would be too many. Unless, you definitely plan on some desserts at the end. But in any case, try it! It's worth it.

Momofuku Ssam Bar
207 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003

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  1. great meal. far exceeded expectations. delish. one of the best duck dishes I ever had.

    the broth had a very odd, not pleasant flavor.

    with 5 people, some add-ons would probably be necessary.


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