Thursday, September 11, 2014

Restaurant Week: Fogo de Chao

I thought about writing a more lengthy post about my Restaurant Week experience at Fogo de Chao. But really there's not much else to say than, it was not good.

First, neither the website nor the reservationist mentioned that there was a limited menu for restaurant week. We found out from the waiter after we sat down. What we did receive was the salad bar, some of the meats that night, and a dessert. They basically omitted most the beef options.
So we sat and waited for the men wielding swords to come around and carve off a piece of meat for us. Lucky for us, some of them didn't notice the special Restaurant Week medallions on our table so we partook in the beef anyway. But what we noticed that night was that even with the regular menu, the variety of the meat options were very lackluster. The same ones kept coming out the kitchen. If I were paying full price, I certainly would not have been happy.
And then dessert came out and it wasn't very good either. The key lime pie was an abomination. You can taste the fakeness. The chocolate cake didn't look any better either.
Overall, my experience at Fogo de Chao with Restaurant Week or not was disappointing to say the least. The service was lackluster. The waiter forgot to bring settings for certain people. He only took drinks orders from a few and then forgot the rest. It wasn't well run at all. The food, as mentioned, and completely uninteresting and bad at times.

I've already written more than I wanted to. So in summary, skip.

Fogo de Chao
40 W53rd Street
New York, NY 10019
(212) 969-9980

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  1. totally agree. what a disappointment. they did a terrible job trying to convince us to come back and pay full price.


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