Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday Nights: Bar Bacon

Did you know there's a bar in Hell's Kitchen that serves all things bacon related? Oh yes, my friends. BACON BACON BACON. What did you say? Bacon has jumped the shark? Shut up. As for the rest of you, please continue and read about all the bacon foods we had that night. With beers too, of course.

We really liked the specials that had that night so most of the things we ordered was from that menu. First, the bacon and sausage platter with potatoes and sauerkraut. Thick slices of bacon and sausage grilled until delicious. This dish was bigger than it looked. It was a great deal too because they weren't skimpy with the meat. If you like fatty meats and taters and some kraut to cut through all that then this is certainly the dish for you.
The pork belly quesadilla with salsa, guacamole, and sour cream was okay. It certainly wasn't as exciting as the previous dish. But it was no slacker. Another large portion that was easy to share.
The oysters rockefeller with bacon with another favorite that night. Large and deep oysters roasted with spinach, cheese, bacon. All good stuff here.
The roasted brussel sprouts with bacon was equally enjoyed by people. Personally, I think well charred brussel sprouts do not need bacon but this version was quite nice. Again, they weren't skimpy with the bacon. The lobster mac and cheese with bacon was the only miss of the night. The pasta and cheese sauce separated making it an oily mess. The lobster was overcooked and rubbery. It actually left a fishy taste in my mouth which leads me to believe that it wasn't fresh lobster.
And finally, we had the boneless pig wings with bacon infused blue cheese dressing. This was just okay. It seemed mediocre compared to the other delicious bacon foods we ate that night.
Overall, we really enjoyed Bar Bacon. I think we actually over ordered a bit not knowing how big some of the servings were. But overall, the flavors did not disappoint. And most importantly, they were not skimpy with the bacon. I hear that the bacon flight is quite good as well. Maybe next time, we'll order that.

Bar Bacon
836 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10019
(646) 362-0622

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