Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cooking for September Birthday Ladies

In September, we've been celebrating dual birthday dinners for Mrs. Pattis Magician and Ms. Pastry Chef's birthdays. I always tell people that they shouldn't have to cook for themselves for their own birthdays. So when I joined this family, I offered to cook for them for their birthdays. And what have they picked year after year? Chinese food. And who am I to say no?
So feast your eyes on the meal that I gave them this year. To see these dishes more up close and personal, keep reading.

First up, the chicken. I decided to steam a whole chicken this time instead of just thighs and what a difference did it make. The meat was more tender and juicy when I steam the whole chicken. Not only that, I seasoned it a bit differently too. I used salt, pepper, and chicken bouillion powder. That last one may be a bit weird but trust me, it makes the chicken really delicious. Of course, it can be omitted if you want but I really like the flavor it imparted onto the meat. Also, next time, I'll used white pepper instead of black. I think it would make the dish a bit more presentable. Otherwise, a really great dish and only made better by serving it along side ginger scallion sauce.
A favorite of Mrs. Pattis Magician is the honey walnut shrimp dish. I deep fry shrimp with a cornstarch and egg white batter then toss it in a kewpie mayo, condensed milk, and lemon juice sauce. That's served with some blanched broccoli and candied walnut.
And my popular fried rice. I'm a firm believe that homemade fried rice always tastes better than take out fried rice. Why? You're using much better ingredients than the scraps that restaurants used. In my version, I add shrimp, Chinese sausage, shiitake mushrooms, green peas, and scallions. Lots of sauce sauce and some stir fried rice makes this a delicious dish.
And some greens. Always have to include some healthy greens on the table. I opted out of the normal yu choy with oyster sauce and instead sauteed snow pea shoots with oil and lots of garlic. The result is a tender leafy green with a nice garlic flavor. This might be my go to greens dish going forward.
And finally, the dumplings. I always have homemade frozen dumplings in the freezer for eating at any time. It also helps when I need to make a bunch for a special dinner like tonight. I served both chicken and enoki mushroom dumplings as well as pork and cabbage ones. I used different wrappers to differentiate between the two. And I serve them with a black vinegar and sweet soy sauce dip.
Oh and what's a birthday without a cake?! Ms. Pastry Chef asked for a smores theme this year and so I have her a smores cake. Chocolate cake with white chocolate graham cracker filling and toasted marshmallow frosting. To be quite honest, this cake came out better than I thought it would. The flavor and texture held up nicely and I was happy with the result.
Happy Birthday, Ladies!

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