Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Trip to Chicago, IL (Day 1): Frontera Grill

After having a double cheeseburger for breakfast then some doughnuts from Glazed and Infused for dessert, it was then time for our lunch reservation at Frontera Grill. You didn't expect me to go all the way to Chicago without going to a Rick Bayless restaurant, did you?
To start, we had to have try the guacamole ($9.50) which came with some homemade tortilla chips and two types of salsas: roasted tomato and tomatillo. This was excellent. Light, refreshing,and full of flavor. Even the complimentary salsas were fantastic.

For my main course, I had the Chicken with Mole Almendrado ($15) which was smoke chicken breast in a Oaxacan almond mole with summer squash, pickled jalapenos, potatoes, and white rice. This was a smaller portion which is exactly what I needed after all that food. Though the portion was smaller, this was no small feature in flavor. Really deep mole flavor with the heat and tang from the jalapenos, sweetness from the squash, and creaminess from potatoes. The white rice helps mellow it out a bit.
If that's not enough then the dish also comes with some warm tortillas. I made small soft tacos with these which was quite excellent. I really enjoyed this dish very much and was everything and more that I expected from a Rick Bayless restaurant.
Mr. M&P had the Mole Poblano Enchiladas ($15) with housemade tortillas, chicken, mole poblano sauce, grilled onions, and a side of black beans. Everything about this dish was excellent from the protein to the tortillas to the mole sauce and even the black beans. That mole sauce. Oh man, that mole sauce. Just incredible stuff there.
There's not much to add to what have already been said about Rick Bayless's restaurants. He just knows what he's doing and he keeps doing it well. Bravo!

Frontera Grill
445 N Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 661-1434

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