Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Trip to Chicago, IL (Day 2): Gino's East

On the next day, we decided to get some infamous Chicago style deep dish pizza. We've heard good things about Gino's East from its old school low key decor and good buttery crusts.

But before all that, I needed some fresh greens to offset the cheese, sauce, and buttery crust that was going to invade my stomach. So here's just a simple salad ($5.50) with Italian dressing. Just enough acid and fresh vegetables to prep me for what was to come.
The deep dish pizza! We tried the small cheese and sausage pizza ($17.70). The small comes with 4 slices and that's all we needed between the two of us. This is really filling so be careful with how you order. Luckily, the waiters are very well versed on how much you should order. They do not oversell you and I appreciated that very much.
The thick buttery crust, the plentiful cheese, marinara sauce, and crumbled sausage. Although this was a gut bomb, I thought that the balance of meat to sauce to cheese to crust was good. Not too much of any one ingredients which helped me eat about a slice and a half.
While I'm still not convinced that Chicago's deep dish pizza will be my favorite, it was still enjoyable to try. Just make sure to talk a nice long walk after this meal.

Gino's East
162 E. Superior Street
Chicago, IL 60611

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