Monday, October 27, 2014

My Trip to Chicago, IL (Day 4): Dusek's

I didn't get a chance to finish my Chicago posts. Sorry about that. I'm trying to catch up on a lot of things that have fallen off my priority list. But now that I have a few minutes, I'm going to try to punch out the last couple of posts for you. On our last day in Chicago (not a full day) but really just a few hours in the day before heading to the airport, we met up with some friends that lived moved to the Windy City from NYC. We met up at Dusek's for brunch on Sunday.
The menu looked pretty interesting from the main dishes to the pastries. While we waited for our main courses to come out, we snacked on some pie spiced beignets ($4 for 4). These were fantastic. Impossibly light and fluffy, hot to the table, and just sweet enough to make my drool ever so slightly. These were wonderful. Our friends shared the doughnut (not pictured) which they enjoyed as well.

For Mr. M&P's dish, he had the 3 Ham Eggs Benedict ($12) on house sourdough bread with tarragon hollandaise sauce, and a side of potato hash. He really enjoyed this dish. The eggs were poached nicely while the rice hollandaise sauce dripped over the ham and bread.
I had the country ham and egg vol au vent ($14) which was their take on biscuits and gravy but with a croissant type bread instead. The buttery and flaky bread was topped with a Wisconsin cheddar mornay sauce with flavors of ham and eggs. The side of dressed greens was a nice light touch to the otherwise rich dish. I enjoyed this but had wish there was some kind of protein too.
Overall, I enjoyed Dusek's. The atmosphere was casual and friendly and not pretentious. The food was delicious and the service friendly. Not a bad way to end our meals in Chicago.

227 W 18th Street
Chicago, IL 60608
(312) 526-3851

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