Monday, October 13, 2014

My Trip to Chicago, IL: Doughnuts Galore!

While planning my trip to Chicago with Mr. M&P, I saw that they had a lot of well regarded doughnut places. So what was I to do but to create a map of doughnut places to try. While some places were completely far from where we were staying or visiting, others were well within walking distance from our hotel. So we planned on having some doughnuts every morning for breakfast. What better fuel was there to get us going for the day? First up, Glazed and Infused. The location we went to was a little storefront located within another restaurant. You actually have to enter through the restaurant in order to get to the doughnut counter. Or you can walk up to the take out window.
On this first day, we were a little wide eyed and decided to order 3 doughnuts to share. This was a bit more than what we could finish. Of course, this was after we had gone for a burger already. But more on that later. The doughnuts pictured above are: white chocolate passionfruit, chocolate, and maple bacon. The white chocolate passionfruit was our favorite actually. Creme filled, sweet, but also lightly tart as well. It was a well sized and well balanced doughnut. In fact, this was our favorite doughnut from the whole trip.

The chocolate doughnut was good but didn't hit that "oooh chocolate" spot. We couldn't pinpoint what was missing though. And surprisingly, the maple bacon doughnut wasn't that great. The bacon was overly smoky and overpowered the flavors of everything else.

The next day, we headed to the Doughnut Vault and stood in line for this tiny hole in the wall shop. We waited patiently as patrons in front of us left with boxes and boxes of doughnuts. Luckily, we arrived early enough on a weekday to not miss out on any of the flavors that day. Mr. M&P chose the chocolate glazed while I had the strawberry glazed filled with apricot jelly. While the chocolate doughnut was okay and the strawberry glazed was too sweet. The apricot jelly was a bit overwhelming and it got really messy. I wish I could taste more of the strawberry glaze.
On our last full day, we went to visit Firecakes and tried three doughnuts again. However, this time, the third doughnut was a mini which we found both adorable and very helpful. So this little fella is a malt milk ball. It's really a one biter but to share, we made it a two biter. A nice mellow chocolate and malt flavored doughnut. This may have been too much if it were a full sized doughnut. But as a mini, it was perfect.
And for our full sized treats, Mr. M&P had the triple Valrhona chocolate cake (was there any doubt?). This was a really chocolatey cake doughnut with a rich chocolate glaze on top. Not bad. Not bad at all.
I tried a different flavor altogether and picked the apple fritter. The wonderful caramelized doughnut tasted like an apple pie in doughnut form. I found wonderful pieces of apple with cinnamon and sugar all fried with a sweet dough. This was really good and a decent size too.
All the doughnuts that we had in Chicago were quite delicious. None were bad but obviously we liked some better than others. Our favorite was the white chocolate passionfruit, as mentioned before. Besides that, I also really enjoyed my apple fritter and the Valrhona chocolate doughnut from Firecakes. I wouldn't hesitate from going back to any of the doughnut shops again though. What more can I say? Chicago is a good doughnut town.

Glazed and Infused
30 E Hubbard Street
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 226-5556

Doughnut Vault
401 N Franklin Street
Chicago, IL 60654

68 W Hubbard Street
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 329-6500

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