Wednesday, November 19, 2014


When I asked Dessert Zombie what he wanted to do for this birthday, he didn't hesitate about Marta. This new Danny Meyer establishment has been getting wonderful reviews. What can I say? That man really knows how to run a restaurant. No wonder he's consider the king of New York.
Unfortunately we waited a bit for our table as the guests before us took their time. But once we were seated, the waitress apologized and we were on our way to some delicious food. We started off by sharing a bunch of appetizers like the croquetti di patate e salame ($7) which were just okay. Sure the outside was crispy and the inside was a mix of creamy potatoes, scallions, and soppresata but I've had better. It wasn't bad but certainly didn't shine like the other dishes we chose that night.

Because I wanted something fresh and green, I asked if we could share the insalata verde ($15). This arugula and market greens salad was lightly dressed with lemon and parmigiano cheese. A really nice light and refreshing dish.
The polpettini di coniglio ($12) were very good. These small rabbit meatballs with black olives and ricotta cheese were delicious. Very little, if any, gamey flavor. And certainly wasn't too lean either. Tendy, juicy, and very flavorful.
The real star appetizer for the night was the fritto misto di mare ($16) with incredibly tender and fried seafood like skate, shrimp, squid, and sardines/anchovies. A side of caper mayo completed the dish. The batter was so light, the seafood delicate and delicious. A really solid starter.
And now the pizzas. Oh man, then pizzas. We shared 6 pies between us and they were delicious. Before I start, I want to note that these are Roman style pies with thin crusts. So you can probably eat more than you think. The crispness of the dough was generally enjoyed by everyone but the toppings were the real star of the night. And so here we go!

The patate alla carbonara ($17) was an interesting take on carbonara sauce but with potatoes and on top of a pizza. The guanciale, black pepper, pecorino cheese, and loose eggs dotted every inch of the pie. This pie was very much enjoyed by everyone at the table.
The funghi ($18) pie with fontina cheese, hen of the woods mushrooms, chanterelles mushrooms, red onion, and thyme made a delicious combination on top of the crispy pizza crust. I really liked this pie.
The cavolini ($16) with brussel sprouts, cauliflower, pickled chili, and parmigiano cheese was a good vegetarian pie. The pickled chilis really cut through the strong vegetables while the cheese gave it a nice salty punch.
The cappricciosa ($17) was one of my least favorites of the night with artichokes, olives, mozzarella cheese, prosciutto, and a loose eggs on top. I'm not sure what happened but the flavors just didn't meld together well like I would expect it to. I enjoy each of the ingredients separately but somehow it didn't come through on the pizza.
The special pie of the night was a goat pizza with braised goat meat, goat sausage, kale, and cheese. This was good but not great. I actually couldn't taste much goat flavor though there wasn't an absence of meat. The goat just didn't stand out. Overall, it was tasty and good but I wanted more goat funkiness.
And finally, the salsiccia ($16) with mozzarella cheese, pork sausage, and crimini mushrooms was my favorite. The combination of meat, to cheese, to mushroom was just perfect. A really delicious pie that just worked.
Of course we couldn't celebrate Dessert Zombie's birthday without dessert at the end of the night. We all chose our own desserts. I had the ice cream panino ($7) with salted chocolate cookie, smoke mascarpone gelato, and pistachios. This smoky, sweet dessert tasted really nice to me. Not too sweet and a hint of smoke. Dessert purists would cry foul but I really much enjoyed it and would definitely get it again.
The affogato ($7) with hot coffee and vanilla gelato looked divine with super creamy ice cream melted as the hot coffee is poured on top.
And finally the buckwheat tart ($7) with sweet risotto, ginger apple jam, and fresh apple looked beautiful. While I didn't taste it, it certainly looked delicious.
Overall, Marta was very delicious and I enjoyed it very much. There was no doubt that Danny Meyer would do it again. I'm just happy to be living in his kingdom.

29 E 29th Street
New York, NY 10016
(212) 651-3800


  1. Happy Bday DZ!

    I was more than happy to attend even considering it was my 2nd time that week. Same waitress too!

    Really great restaurant!

  2. Thanks a lot for setting up Hungry.

    Great time with everyone there. Thank you TT.

    I could eat their pizza every week. Drools.


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