Monday, November 10, 2014

Oda House

Have you ever had Georgian food? The country, not the state. Neither have I. But I've been hearing a whole lot about it lately in the food news. It's becoming quite popular among the circuit these days. So Mr. M&P and Dessert Zombie, and I went to try some. So what's the most famous dish to have? Why the famous Georgian bread, khachapuri!
This freshly made to order bread come piping hot to the table in a boat like shape cradling delicious fillings. The most popular is the adjaruli with cheese, butter, and a raw egg ($16).

Since the bread comes piping hot to the table, the waitress will offer to mix up the filling for you creating a very luxurious type of scrambled cheesy egg mixture in the middle. We started my taking a piece of the yeasty dough from the ends and dipping it into the deliciousness in the middle. But really, the winning parts is the bread that's cradling the cheesy goodness in the middle. Think about chowder served in a bread bowl. The best part is the bread that's been soaking up the creamy chowder. Well, for this Georgian bread, the best part is soaking up melted cheese, eggs, and butter. Oh yeah, it was so good. We all could have just ordered three of these to share. But since we were relatively new to the cuisine, we decided to order a bunch of stuff to try instead.
We also tried a different bread that night. This is the kubdari ($14). This bread was freshly made as well but was completely different. This yeast based bread was stuffed with beef, onions, herbs, and spices. This really reminded us of keema naan. Although delicious on its own, it didn't shine with the khachapuri bread.
In order to lighten things up since most of the food looked really heavy, we ordered a salad. This mushroom salad ($12) with oyster mushrooms, sauteed onions, tarragon, cilantro, and mint was really refreshing. Though mushrooms are not generally considered light food, this dish was a welcomed addition to our meal.
Whenever I see dumplings on the menu, I have to go and order it. These khinkali dumplings were offered as beef and pork or lamb. We chose the former ($8). Hand rolled dough filled with a mixture of meat and vegetables. Unfortunately, we all thought that the dough was a bit thick. And the filling was pretty flavorless. We definitely needed the black pepper served alongside the dish. We all agreed that we probably wouldn't order these again.
And finally, we shared the mtsvadi ($24) with lamb. This Georgian shish kebab came adorned with onions and pomegranate seeds, baked potatoes, and a side of tkemali sauce (a plum sauce). This dish was the weakest of the bunch. The meat was a bit chewy, the potatoes a bit undercooked, and the sauce tasted of tart prunes to me. This dish could ber very good but it just wasn't executed well.
Overall, we all really enjoyed the Georgian food. It was a great introduction to the cuisine. Clearly, we enjoyed some dishes over others. We still want to go back and try more dishes but one thing is for sure, we will always get that cheesy delicious khachapuri,

Oda House
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