Monday, November 3, 2014

Root & Bone

Comfort food has taken over the restaurant scene across this country for awhile. It almost seems that every new restaurant is about the casual scene each toting the best this or the best that. I've seen a lot of burgers, noodles, and fried chicken places pop up recently. I'm wary about a lot of these new places but when Root & Bone hit the market with rave reviews of their fried chicken, I had to check it out. My favorite, Bob White, is fantastic and I wanted to know if Root & Bone would measure up. So off I went with Dessert Zombie in tow to celebrate some happy life changes. We sat at a two top table in a fairly small restaurant. Expect to be elbow to elbow with your neighbors. They try to squeeze in as many tables as possible in this place. We arrived at an early 5:45pm for dinner and the place was packed by 6:30pm. All this on a weekday. Yup, it certainly is a buzzed about place.
Now onto the food. There was no doubt we were going to order the fried chicken. The half chicken to share, in fact. But what sides and starters should we get as well? Biscuits, of course! The Grandma Daisy's Angel Biscuits comes with a bowl of honey roasted chicken jus for dipping and some salt and seed on the side. These biscuits came hot to the table and were quite nice. I actually preferred them without the chicken jus as I enjoyed their buttery flavor. Were these the lightest and fluffiest biscuits? Nope but quite nice on their own.

And now the chicken. The fried chicken is sweet tea brined, fried, then lemon dusted. They also come with a side of spiked tabasco honey. Dessert Zombie and I inquired about getting all dark meat as neither one of use wanted to take the breast meat. And they happily obliged! We each had a drumstick and thigh to enjoy. Four pieces of chicken for $18. So how was the chicken? Really good in fact. The skin was really crispy, the meat juicy and seasoned, and the lemon dust gave everything a nice tang. The spike tabasco honey was really good as well. I surprised myself and kept dousing that stuff on the chicken and biscuits. I was addicted.
For our sides, we opted for the succotash ($13) with all sorts of beans like butter, lima, fava, and roasted corn with a dollop of herbed pesto on the side. This was really good succotash and paired well with the chicken. Bright, light, and refreshing. Full of flavor and just delicious in general.
The roasted beet and roots salad ($14) was also quite delicious though my second favorite side next to the succotash. Thinly sliced beet chips, roasted carrots, and beets galore. Some herby pesto in the side for dipping if you like. This side tasted a bit heavier which didn't necessarily pair well with the chicken. But it was delicious none the less.
Overall, the meal at Root & Bone was really fine. We both enjoyed all the food from the biscuits to the fried chicken to the sides. Next time, we would only get one side as they're made to share between 4 people. Would I come back for the fried chicken? Hell yes! Is it the best fried chicken I've had? It's very, very close. I really enjoyed it and was some of the better fried chicken I've had around the city but it's quite unique with the lemon powder. If I want classic fried chicken, I'd stick to Bob White. If I'm looking for something lighter and more unique, I'll head to Root & Bone. With that said, Root & Bone is worth going back again and again.

Root & Bone
200 E 3rd Street
New York, NY 10009
(646) 682-7076

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