Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Stage House Tavern

It has come to Mr. M&P and my attention that we need to explore our neighborhood some more. So one random night, we decided to go out to dinner. We chose the Stage House Tavern as it always seemed to be busy. Once we arrived, we wished that we had gone and visited earlier. They have a really nice outdoor area with its own bar, tvs, and tables. A good space to just sit and hang out. But since it was a bit chilly this night, we decided to have a table inside and enjoy dinner.
With a predominately Italian menu with some American aspects, the menu looked pretty simple and familiar. We started with the garlic bread to share. This wasn't exactly what I was expecting. This Italian bread with chopped garlic, cheese, and even more cheese on top was kind of like an Ellio's pizza but not as bad as that. You know what I mean.

For my entree, I opted to have the ravioli. Apparently, Stage House Tavern is known for their ravioli and they offer a good variety of them. I opted for the seafood ravioli with red vodka sauce. I chose to have the large ($16) which was a behemoth of a plate of food. There was absolutely no way I would have been able to finish this. I would say there was at least 12 very large round ravioli's in there.
Overall, I thought the ravioli was just to be okay. The pasta was a bit overcooked and soft but the filling was nice with a mix of seafood including salmon, crab, and shrimp.

Mr. M&P opted for the burger with a side of fries. Although, the menu lists a few different kinds of burgers, he wanted just a plain cheeseburger. He asked the waitress if he could just get one without all the special toppings that was being offered with the other burgers on the menu and the waitress obliged happily. He ordered the medium rare and it certainly came that way. Pink and red in the middle and incredibly juicy. The accompanying fries were crispy and well seasoned. Overall, a decent burger.
We enjoyed our dinner at Stage House Tavern. The food is straight forward. The service, depending on who you have, can be a bit spotty. After our food came and we finished eating, we sat around for a bit without having the waitress come over and asked if we were done. It was even more difficult trying to grab her attention. Her back seemed to be facing us for most of the time. Otherwise, this was a nice place and I wouldn't mind going back

Stage House Tavern
366 Park Avenue
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076
(908) 322-4224

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