Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Picnic Garden

I really enjoy introducing people to new foods. As long as they are curious enough to try, I'm willing to show them. On this chilly night, a few friends, Mr. M&P, and I drove over to the Picnic Garden in Edison, NJ. There we enjoyed in the delights of all you can eat Korean barbecue dinner for about $30+ per person. That includes a buffet of meats and seafood for the grill and a variety of cooked appetizers, rice, soups, and ice cream. It also includes traditional banchan like tofu, kimchi, pickled cucumbers, etc. It's really a great deal. And what's best is that they have these huge vents above every grill allowing the smoke and odors quickly get sucked up instead of into your clothes. Oh and have I mentioned it's BYOB? Oh yeah, bring your own booze. Does that sound enticing enough for you?
We started the night with some appetizers. I usually like to choose some lighter more vegetable based fare to offset all the meat we would be eating that night. Above, I had some jap chare, watercress salad, spicy cucumbers, pajeon, and mandoo.

And now onto the grill. We started with some pork belly and some other pork and chicken. You can choose to grill yourself but the wait staff will come around and cook food for you. And they'll even switch out the grills when it becomes too crusted up. People may think that their silent nature and not looking into your eyes may seem not friendly but they forget that it's not in some people's cultures to provide that kind of service. It's actually considered better service when you're not disturbing people's meal and just do their work. I'm just saying to keep your mind open about these kind of cultural differences when you're speaking of service.
Anyway back to the food. We enjoyed a nice variety of galbi (beef short ribs), bulgolgi (beef), pork, and chicken. We even tried some seafood too. Our third and final round was a mystery plate for our friends. We wanted to see if they would enjoy some of the more exotic cuts from the buffet including beef heart, chicken gizzard, and pork intestines. We kept it mum on what stuff was until after they tried it. The beef heart was actually very much enjoyed by everyone. It had a nice meaty taste. The gizzard was mostly just enjoyed by me because I eat it quite often. Everyone else disliked the textures which I can understand. It can be quite chewy. And lastly, the intestines was not enjoyed by anyone. Both the flavor and textures were terrible. I like intestines in some forms but this was not it.
Picnic Garden in Edison, NJ is a great deal. With quality ingredients, great variety, and various freebies, we couldn't be happier. It's also affordable and will fill you up without leaving you smelling with the grill.

Picnic Garden
1763 Route 27
Edison, NJ 08817
(732) 650-1000

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