Monday, December 8, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

I know this post is a bit late but there was no way I wasn't going to post about Thanksgiving. It's one of my favorite holidays all year. And I go all out. I host the feast and invite my family. Most, if not all, dishes are made from scratch and is oh so delicious. It's a ton of work and takes me about 4 days of prep but I love it. I'll never give it up.
And without further ado, here's my Thanksgiving feast this year. Above is the turkey platter. I made 2 turkeys this year. One Butterball and one all natural from the butcher. The latter did taste better but we're not completely convinced if it was noticeable by the average eater. More testing is going to be needed. But one thing is for sure, I spatchcocked the turkeys and roasted them in an hour. I started doing this last year and never looked back. It's the best. For the recipe, please click here.

And what's turkey without some stuffing on the side. Well, sausage dressing to be exact. A nice crusty top and a soft moist middle. Bites of meat, bread, and vegetables in every bite. For the recipe, please click here.
And there's the corn souffle. Unfortunate, I was a bit overzealous with this dish this year. I added too many ingredients and it not only deflated but the parmigiana cheese on top also burned. Back to basics next year. If you want the recipe that works, please click here.
Don't like turkey? No problem! I also serve ham at Thanksgiving. I like to roast a smoked ham that I buy from the butcher. The taste is a world of difference and worth the price difference. For the recipe, click here.
And now the rest of the sides like the macaroni and cheese. This year, I made it more towards when I was going to serve dinner so that the pasta didn't seize up the sauce and it made a world of difference. For the recipe, please click here.
And here are some vegan side dishes. Gotta balance out all that fat and meat somehow. There's roasted butternut squash with sauteed onions and dried cranberries. And also roasted brussels sprouts simply seasoned with salt, pepper, and oil. Both recipes, can be found here and here.
And don't forget about the mashed potatoes. This is an essential side dish. Ultra creamy and smooth with lots of butter, milk, and some boursin cheese for that garlic and herb taste. The recipe can be found here.
And don't forget about my garlic bread made with the crack garlic butter. Slow poached in butter until soft and spreadable. Oh yeah, it's awesome. The only different I did this year was that I added the chopped parsley directly to the hot butter instead of it being fresh. I think I liked it better this way. And here's the recipe.
And the bacon. Just a plate of bacon. There's no recipe, duh! It's just the bacon that I plucked off the turkey. Ah, the delicious snacks that result from being the cook.
I totally forgot to take a proper picture of my apple pie. Bummer too because it came out really good this year. The crust was extra flaky and the filling was soft, sweet, and delicious. It was actually better than usual. Why? I changed up the apples. I used cortland apples instead of green apple this time. And it made a wonderful world of difference. I'm still playing around with the recipe but will post when I'm 100% satisfied with it. But in the meantime, here's my regular apple pie and its recipe.

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