Tuesday, January 13, 2015

FBM Holiday Potluck 2014

The Holiday FBM Potluck is always a stunner. And this past year was no different. Just look at the spread below. There was so much food that I couldn't even capture it all in one picture shot.

In this picture, you can see baked ziti, chocolate cake, braised beef, pattis, cookies, pizza, rilletes, foie, and some kind of meat pie.
There was a chopped kind of competition this year where a few of us made dishes from the same ingredients. Everyone with pretty creative with their ingredients. As a participant, I made a pizza with the main dishes ingredients which were beef, canned soup, cheese, winter squash, and pretzels. We only had to use 4 out of the 5 ingredients. I chose to top my pizza spicy beef sausage, ricotta cheese, cream of potato soup, and acorn squash. It actually came out way better than I thought.
The people who decided to not participate gave us a good variety of good too like gazpacho, pumpkin pie, cookies, cake, pattis, and more.
There's never a lack of food at these parties which is a great thing for leftovers. Yum! Thanks to TT and CT for hosting again. Great times!


  1. Thanks for hosting! Everything was excellent as usual.

    1. Also, it appears my pumpkin pie was fixed in post. Haha.

    2. Yeah, I was told that children looked at my blog.


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