Growing up, food was an important aspect of my family. We came together every night to have dinner. We sat down and ate together at the table. My mom, after working for a full day, took the time and effort out to make a full homemade meal for us. Looking back, I see how lucky I was. As humble as I grew up, I felt rich with the foods that we enjoyed. And so my inspiration and passion for food stemmed from my mom who I will forever think was the best cook in the world. I didn't know it back then but she meticulously picked out the freshest ingredients, prepped everything professionally, then cooked it expertly, and plated it beautifully. Eating isn't just a pleasure for me. It's an experience.

So many of us have these intense food memories. But why start a blog? Well, the passion to eat and taste new foods was always there. In fact, I have many friends that share the same feelings. However, when one dear friend moved away to enrich her career, I started emailing her about my food adventures back in NYC. Those emails would be paragraphs long describing every minute detail of my food adventures. Then it dawned on me one day to start a blog. This way, I would be able to include pictures so that she could actually see what I've been eating. It was a perfect upgrade to the emails.

Now I'm here, years later and wiser (I hope). I don't regret anything that I've tried to eat. It's an experience, right? I've met some wonderful people along the way and have kept close with the ones I already have. This blog has helped me open up about my feelings towards not only food but the food industry as a whole. I don't only care about eating. I care about the source, the people, the outcome. It amazes me how one thing taste different from raw to slightly cooked to fully cooked.

And so I'd like to end this with some more specifics about myself and my relationship with my blog. Food blogging is a hobby. I do not write professionally (as you can tell from the grammar and spelling mistakes). I do not and have never worked in the food industry. In fact, I work full time in a completely different industry that has nothing to do with food. My meals are fully paid by myself as an anonymous customer. And all of my cooking and baking is made by me as an untrained cook. The skills I possess are from watching my parents at a young age, and trial and error at an older age. So please take my thoughts on this blog not as an insider, but as someone who just truly loves food and everything about it.